Years of training, decades of experience, creativity and talent all go into creating the perfect hair colour at IMPRESSIONS Beauty Salon for our valued clients each day. You can sleep tight knowing that our highly trained hair colour professionals are experts in their field. They will advise on the best hair colours and hair colour techniques that will ensure you walk out of Bliss with the most amazing hair colour of your life!


If you’re new to IMPRESSIONS Beauty Salon or new to colouring your hair, the first stage of colouring hair is to have a relaxed informal discussion with you. This chat allows your stylist to get to know a little more that will enable him/her to advise the perfect hair colour for you, your lifestyle, your home hair care routine and your look. It’s completely free and will enable your stylist to advise on hair colours that will compliment your skin tone as well as letting you know the different hair colour techniques available to you.